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What to Pack For Summer In Greece: A Complete Female Packing List for the Greek Islands

The summer sun, the mediterranean sea, Aperol Spritzes and fresh Greek salad at a beach club, walking through the most amazing history...

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Island Hopping in Greece in the summer was one of my biggest dreams - and packing everything I wanted to wear into one suitcase a challenge. Here are the dos and don'ts of what to wear, style ideas, and the unexpected items you should pack with you.

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7 Must-Pack Items You Might Not Have Thought Of:

1. International Plug Adapter

Shop This International Adapter

You want to make sure to have at least one international plug adapter in your travel bag whenever you leave your home country. While many remodeled and new hotels have universal outlets,  they aren't guaranteed and sometimes there can only be one universal per room or none at all - Especially if you're staying mostly at boutique hotels and in older European cities. I always keep a converter to be safe, and love this style as you can charge 3 items with only one outlet, using the included USB ports. A plug adapter will also protect your devices from different voltages in different countries.

If you have a lot of electronics you need to keep charged (cameras, watches, phones, laptops, headphones, gopros... they all add up quick!), OR if you always use hot tools on your hair that need additional plugs, buy two. What's great about an international converter is that you can use the same one for all the different plug styles around the world. 

2. Extra Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay Milk Body SPF 60

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen - the MVP

The Greek summer sun is HOT! When we did our road trip through Italy in August, we were surprised at how the cities were even hotter than we imagined - and if I'm not specifically going to the beach, I'll often forget about sunglasses (besides by face SPF of course.) Be prepared with more than you think! For body sunscreen, La Roche-Posay is the chicest, European option, and Elta MD is universally loved by dermatologists.

Hands down, Supergoop is my favorite face sunscreen of all time. The clear formula doesn't discolor even the darkest of skin tones, and feels like a high-end make up primer - there is nothing better for wearing under make-up. I wear this under my make-up every single day, and especially when I'm out in the sun. Check it out on Sephora here or on Amazon here (where it has a perfect 5-star rating)

3. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The BEST Bluetooth Speaker - Available in 5 Colors

Whether you need a soundtrack for your hotel room, your rental car doesn't have an AUX cord, or you want to listen to music anywhere and everything, this Bose speaker is one of my favorite products of all time. 

I have been talking about how much I love this speaker for years now - and I am still using the same one I bought way back in 2017. This speaker is only 4" wide, packs a powerful sound, is waterproof and shockproof, has a strap on the back to attach to a bike handle, backpack, or kayak, and the battery lasts for hours and hours. I've shared this on almost every travel product round-up I've posted because I honestly take it with me on every single trip I go on. If you need a portable speaker for home, activities and travel, this is the one!

4. Packing Cubes and Garment Bag

Bagail Set of 8 Packing Cubes

Black Garment Bag for Travel

Pack like a professional! This is the exact packing method I use to travel the world and it is by more the best and most efficient - I have tried everything over hundreds of trips, and THIS IS IT.

Layer your nice clothes and items that will wrinkle (dresses, dress shirts, flowing skirts and pants) on a couple of slim velvet hangers, and hang them all in a garment bag. Then fold the garment bag across the bottom of your suitcase. I usually layer my shoes on top of the garment bag, knowing that my clothes are safely protected inside. Then when you arrive at your hotel, you simply pull the garment bag out of the suitcase, and hang directly in the closet. 

For the rest of your clothes and accessories, you cannot live without packing cubes. Packing cubes are so incredibly essential to keeping your items organized - and once you buy them once they will last for years and years, I'm still using these exact ones that I bought back in 2015! I usually will separate my suitcase by item type, but you can also use cubes to separate clean and dirty clothes, or what you will need by destination. Once you pack a suitcase with packing cubes, you'll never be able to go without again. 

5. An Extra-Long Iphone Charging Cable 

Shop This Charging Cable

I know it's not just me that finds nothing more frustrating than a hotel that doesn't have plugs right next to the bed and not being able to charge my phone at night. A couple years ago, we bought a couple of these exact 6' cables and leave them permanently in our travel backpacks so we always have them with us - I usually only go with native Apple products, as cheaper alternatives tend to break easily, but these Amazon Basics cables have held up amazing over multiple years. These also work great for charging in airports and anywhere where plugs can be in short supply. For even more flexibility, you can also opt for a 10 Foot version

This also comes in so handy in airports, cars, and planes!

6. Drybag Backpack

This multipurpose bag comes in sizes from 5 Liter through 40 Liter

Our dry bag is another item that I always regret not bringing with us on every trip. These bags work great as a hiking or day backpack, and are designed to be 100% waterproof . I cannot emphasize how much these $20 bags have saved us and kept all of our camera gear from getting soaked.

the most underrated feature of a drybag is using it as a cooler to throw in a rental car, on the back of an ATV, or into a boat for a day out. Since the waterproofing works both ways, if you don't need to keep what's inside dry, you can fill the bag with ice and throw in your drinks and food for a day - I am all about everything I pack being multipurpose. 

This orange, 40L model is the exact bag that we have and have taken with us on dozens of trips - and have often taking all of our camera gear swimming in.

7. Waterproof (but still chic) Sandals

The best and most versatile shoes I have ever bought for $40

Most of the beaches in Greece are notoriously rocky and painful on your feet, and instead of spending valuable suitcase space on a pair of sporty and not so cute watershoes, these ultra-viral Teva sandals are a MUST. These Tevas took off after being spotted on Mary-Kate Olsen - and are 100% worth the hype. I bought these last year and they have quickly become the one pair that I never travel without. Comfortable enough to walk all day in, with a cushioned bottom that has enough grip for slippery ancient stone streets, plus an effortless cool goes-with-anything look - and also perfectly capable of wearing in the water and looking good as new. This is one pair definitely worth adding to your suitcase.

Shop these sandals on Amazon here!

What To Wear in Greece:

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1. Midi or Maxi Dresses

The Greek islands are notoriously windy - and a mini dress can often mean needing to constantly hold it down with one hand - a longer is easier to manage, keeps you cool and looking effortless chic, and can make for exceptionally dramatic photos in the wind. 

Lulu's Florence White Dress

Love this dress for under $100 - Available in 4 colors

Can't you picture this at a beach club?

House of CB dress - there is nothing more Europe summer than this.

2. Essential, Versatile Summer basics

If you are packing huge suitcases full of dresses or going carry-on only, every Europe Summer wardrobe needs these mix and match basic pieces

  • A perfect pair of denim shorts - I love Abercrombie's Curve Love line for a great fit that is nice and loose in the thighs for an effortless look
  • A pair of linen shorts in white or black - They go with everything, and are perfect for every occasion.
  • A great belt - bonus points if you can get a reversible one in caramel brown and black to go with everything and save space
  • A silk scarf - throw it in your hair, around the handle of a purse or beach bag, as a quick sarong or top or around your neck. I always bring a few scarves because they can add to so many looks for so little packing space!
  • Easy throw on sandals that *are not* flip flops - Just as easy, so much cuter.
  • A perfect white t-shirt or graphic tee - you can throw on one with and over everything.

Abercrombie 90's High Rise Shorts - Available in multiple washes

I just discovered that H&M has the best graphic tees under $15

Madewell Chunky Buckle Skinny Leather Belt

The perfect creamy linen shorts

100% silk scarves from Amazon in 40 different patterns - these are a STEAL for real silk.

Dolce Vita Natural Sandal - Also available with black upper

3. Walkable Sandals and block heels

My favorite shoes to wear in Europe and traveling in general are comfortable, walkable, low block heels. The right platform with a 2-3" heel gives you just enough lift to elevate an outfit, but is comfortable on your feel all day - often more comfortable than flat sandals with no support, when the fit is right and there is a little cushion for the ball of your foot. 

In addition, the ancient stones that make up many of the streets, staircases, and walkways have been worn down for centuries and can be quite slick and slippery. I always make sure to bring shoes with a bit of a good grip at the bottom to make sure I don't slip and fall down -which has 100% happened to me before. 

Lulu's Nayyna Natural Raffia High Heel Sandals

Dolce Vita never disappoints, available in a beachy tan

Lulu's Natural Raffia High Heel Sandals

Lulu's White Heels Sandals - So Chic for under $40

4. Gold Jewelry

The easiest way  to look like a Greek Goddess is a flowing white dress accessorized with gold jewelry. I have shockingly found some of my favorite, most affordable, and longest lasting jewelry on Amazon - there is a huge range to choose from. 

The key to buying gold jewelry that will last at a good pricepoint is to make sure it is marked as "14k/18k gold-plated." Gold plated has a thin layer of real gold topping the jewelry made from a sturdier and less expensive metal. Even better, look for jewelry that is "gold filled" or "gold vermeil" - gold filled jewelry is similarly gold-plated, but with a much higher amount of gold (usually 50 times more actual gold than gold plated. While usually a bit pricier than gold plated jewelry, gold filled tends to be the perfect midpoint of high quality and price - but I have had a lot of success wearing my gold plated pieces in the water over and over again

A pair fit for a goddess for $14

My secret weapon chains

I have been wearing and traveling in this exact earring set for years and they hold up amazingly well for the price

The perfect set for effortless layering

5. Grecian-Inspired Looks

- instead, pack more subtle inspired looks with nods to draping togas, Greek Goddesses, and gold accents to look effortless.I LOVE dressing to a theme. Every tourist shop and stand around major sites and cities sells similar, cheap Greek dresses and outfits that often look lik ehalloween costumes 

The perfect effortless shirtdress from Anthropologie

The perfect Grecian vacation dress

High Quality Grecian-Style Sandals for long walking tours & breezy dinner looks

I wore this Revolve set in Greece to so many compliments

6. Linen Pants and Lightweight Trousers

Shop These Pants

Shop These Pants

Both very on-trend and super practical, linen pants, flowing wide-legs and lightweight trousers are perfect for European summers - easy, breezy and statement-making. I love pairing these with crop top tanks for both day and night. Plus - High-waisted pants with a fitted cropped top is so flattering on almost everyone!

I have this pair from amazon and wear them on every trip

Honestly, this set is the best thing I have ever bought on Shein and I wear these pants (in white) all the time.

A great price on a great pair from Lulu's

The perfect silky pair with a matching bralette top

7. Elevated Swimwear

Stay away from tropical prints and kiddie styles in Greece, and fit the European Riviera vibe with chic solids, classic one-pieces, belted high waisted styles and lux fabrics. As a bonus, many of your swim tops and one pieces can double as crop tops or bodysuits with the right skirt or pair of trousers!

Obsessed with this reasonably-priced suit from Lulus

Such a flattering one-piece, this one also comes in black

The Tiktok viral $25 Reversible one-piece - available in multiple patterns

One of my personal favorite bikinis of all time - you WILL feel like a Bond Girl

Where to shop for more swimwear? A few of my favorite sites:

Everything But Water - My go-to site for bikini and vacation shopping, Everything but Water stocks a curated selection of the best swim and resortwear clothing brands - some of my favorites are Vix Swimwear and Hunza G, as well as their house line, Summerful.

Revolve - Their house brands design some of the most Instagrammable and unique swimwear around, and they also stock tons and tons of designer pieces - everything from the wildest, boldest designs to the classy and understated.

Free People - Not just their own brand, The Free People site stocks tons of the coolest, beachiest, boho-est, and vintage-inspired swimsuits anywhere. I need this one in my life ASAP.

Amazon - Shopping on a budget? Amazon has some great suits with thousands of 5 star reviews at an under-$30 price point. Check out more on my Greek Island Amazon Shopping List Here!

Nordstrom - A longtime staple for a reason. Nordstrom has Classic swim brands like Billabong, as well as more modern and sexy brands like Agua Benita - this one in particular is a dream bikini for me

Shop this swimsuit

Shop this bikini

8. Beach-to-night-out cover ups

Save room in your suitcase with pieces that work when you're basking in the Mediterranean sun, exploring in the day, and heading out to dinner with some easy styling changes. I especially never leave home without a white button up to tie up as a top, throw over a bikini, or use a cover up fro a chilly night or museum with a dress code. Sheer pieces are especialy chic over bathing suits in day, and over a bralette top for evening. 

L*Space Perfect Tunic - Available in 5 colors

I've had my eye on this gold beach dress forever

Beach Bunny Glitzy Pearl Top and Skirt

with sandals and a swimsuit in the day, and dressed up with heels and gold hoops for dinner

9. Blue and White and Evil Eyes All Over

.If you really want to dress to the theme - which is always one of my favorite things to do - you can't go wrong with blue and white, graphic mediterranean prints, and a subtle nod to the famous Greece Evil Eye 

I am obsessed with this Crochet dress

The Cutest Princess Polly Shirt and Skirt Set

The perfect printed wear-everywhere scarf for only $7

Cleonie Swimsuit - Such a perfect pattern 

The islands are waiting for you!