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How To Turn a Spare Room Into a Walk In Closet On A Serious Budget

When we were starting the process of buying our house in Los Angeles, my biggest dream was to create a luxury walk-in closet dressing room. I've been saving closet make overs and massive rooms full of clothes, shoe walls, endless racks, fainting couches and chandeliers on my Pinterest for years, fantasizing about the day we would finally own a home and I could make my closet dreams come true.

And then the reality of what we could actually afford set in. 

Living in the middle of Los Angeles does mean houses with hundreds of extra feet of square footage. We did find a beautiful neighborhood that I absolutely love, and an original 1920's Spanish Style home that is small but perfect for the two of us - and in a 2024 world I am endlessly grateful that we are able to own our home at all. But homes built in the 1920's have very few closets. And while we do have an extra bedroom that I was able to turn into a closet - this room also needs to serve as my office and a guest room - and most recently, a room for our puppy. Not to mention, full custom closets cost tens of thousands of dollars and more.

The closets of my dreams...

And the one that is a GREAT budget option that doesn't take up an entire room, so I can have room for everything without needing to take up our entire room - for under $2000!

Velvet Hangers:




Hidden Closet Door Storage:


The Perfect Step Stool: