May 5, 2019 Films

Films - New Campaign with World of Hyatt through some of Asia's Greatest Cities

This past fall, we worked with World of Hyatt to showcase unique stories and cultures across Asia. We made four films for our part in this campaign, one from each location, focusing on the amazing Hyatt Hotels and local sights in each city. Our first stop was Seoul, Korea where we unexpectedly caught the vibrant and beautiful autumn foliage while staying at Grand Hyatt Seoul. We continued our journey south to Shanghai where we experienced ancient Chinese culture while taking in spectacular views from the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. The 88-story tower had a panoramic view of the Bund and Pudong skyline, and drove out to the ancient water village of Zhujiajiao. Following, we hopped down to Hong Kong with Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to explore the modern architecture and city life. Finally, for our last stop, we headed out of the urban jungle and into the real jungle, ending our trip in a beach and jungle paradise with the Grand Hyatt Bali.

An amazing journey to end 2018 on, We are  excited to finally be able to share them here. Watch the entire campaign below!

Hyatt Seoul

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Grand Hyatt Bali