July 10, 2017 Health and Fitness Films

Film - a Yoga Moment in Kuala Lumpur

I am by no means a yoga master, but learning the practice over the past few years has been such an interesting and cool experience in watching how a body can change over time. When I started I couldn't hold myself up or even touch my toes, and through the years I've bent and pushed a little deeper, and gained strength and balance. I've loved watching how all of the different motions help my body move in other ways - how gaining strength in my legs through weight lifting helps my balance in yoga postures, and how distance running helps my temperature regulate in Bikram. Fitness is such an essential lifeblood to my body, and to my soul - and this view at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is too stunning not to take advantage of. 

In this new section of the blog, I plan to write a lot about my weight and fitness journey - my struggles and the disorders I've fought through, to the strength I have gained.