Away Lands

Away Lands is the creative partnership and life journey of Amy Seder and Brandon Burkley. We specialize in lifestyle and travel short films and photography, showcasing a heightened and curated reality. Away Lands was sparked after feeling unfulfilled in our jobs, and the realization that we were living just to get through to the next vacation - what started as a decision to embark on an adventure around the world quickly evolved into starting a business together. Amy was previously a commercial photographer and photo producer and Brandon was a finance professional with a passion for travel, film, and flying. Together, we took our skills on the road and began traveling full-time in September, 2016. 

Since starting this adventure, we have been around and around the world - we've jumped out of planes, visited ancient wonders of the world, climbed volcanos, slept in the Sahara desert, and have had the chance to befriend and connect with people all over the world.  

Away Lands is available for a variety of film and photography assignments around the globe -  behind the camera, in front of the camera, or both. 

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Amy & Brandon

  • Amy

    I was born and raised in a surf town in California - but I am a terrible surfer. I was a child actor, and my first love was in life was preforming and being on camera. At 14, I decided I was going to move to New York City and be a fashion photographer - which I did a few years later, after receiving my BA in Commercial Photography. I spent years in New York freelance shooting, studio managing, and as a photo producer. I fell in love with video when Brandon and I started travelling extensively together, and after years of working beind the scenes in the industry, was inspired to start picking up my own camera again, this time as a team - and then off we were!

    My favorite things are tropics, tacos, and trop-house. I always travel with an avocado and my own pillow.

  • Brandon

    I grew up in a small little beach town north of Los Angeles called Ventura. From an early age I was obsessed with movies and flying. I filmed my buddies skateboarding around the neighborhood, took a camera on every family vacation and watched as many movies as I possibly could consume. I also dreamed of being a pilot someday and flying to all the small corners of the world.

    I studied Economics and Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara, moved to Los Angeles to start an unexpected career in financial consulting, which I quickly realized was not for me. I needed a change of scene and moved to New York City, where Amy and I started our life together.

    It was on the Brooklyn waterfront where we both decided to quit our day jobs to start Away Lands, and we never looked back. Since then, I've been so lucky to have traveled to some of the most interesting far away places in the world, camera in hand. Since then, I also have received my Private Pilot and Drone Pilot certificates from the FAA. I intend to keep flying all over the world and creating films that inspire as long as life lets me.